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A relaxing place in the heart of the city!

A place with a history worth sharing!

Celebrate your every day dining in beautiful atmosphere of our restaurant.
Exquisite & creative cousine, friendly atmosphere and highly professional staff will make your special day beautiful & enjoyable.

A Name You Can Trust… Dedicated to Excellence for Over 35 Years!

Today's Taste Trend

Because of your health conscious, we use NO MSG! We use only natural spices to enhance the taste of our award winning dishes. Over the centuries ginger, like garlic, has been a prized spice of Confucius, lauded by Shakespeare, and now is finding its way back into our menus. Our chefs are discovering a hidden treasure that’s right under their noses as a new varieties of aromatic ingredients add flavor and fire to our meals.

Quality Knows No Compromise

We ensure naturally delicious, high quality food that our trained staff carefully prepares to our strict quality standards. Our skilled chef carefully sears all the ingredients in our high-intensity works, which results in the outstanding flavor and tenderness for which our meals are noted. Once you try our food, we will win you over!

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Twin Dragon Restaurant has been celebrating over 43 years of Excellence!

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